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undefinedMichigan Assault Lawyer Brian J. Prain Explains the Breakdown of Assault Charges in Michigan, and How They Compare to Each Other...

An honest criminal defense lawyer doesn't go online calling themselves a "Drunk Driving" lawyer unless they actually concentrate on Drunk Driving, like William Maze of Royal Oak. Type "Michigan Assault Lawyer" into Google and you'll be flooded with criminal defense lawyers calling themselves "Michigan Assault Lawyer." Funny thing is, when you Google "Michigan Retail Fraud Lawyer" (or any other crime), they're that guy, too. I won't mention any names, but it's false and misleading.

Brian J. Prain is a true Michigan Assault Lawyer - we concentrate only on cases involving elements of Assault, we go to Jury Trial and fight, and we WIN. So what exactly is a Michigan Assault charge anyway? What are the different types, and how do they compare to each other?

Broadly speaking, Assault charges are criminal charges for violating the personal rights of another person. In other words, they are "crimes against persons." All Michigan Assault charges belong to one of two categories: Misdemeanor Assault charges, punishable by up to 1 year in County Jail, and Felony Assault charges, punishable by 1 year or more in State Prison. If you or someone you know is facing either, contact a legitimate Michigan Assault Lawyer at (248) 731-4543 for a free consultation. A Michigan Assault Lawyer understands the Michigan Assault laws.

Michigan Misdemeanor Assault charges include 93 day Misdemeanors, such as: Assault (Simple Assault), Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence (Domestic Assault); and 1 year Misdemeanors, such as: Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence Second Offense (Domestic Assault Second Offense), and Aggravated Domestic Violence (Aggravated Domestic Assault). A true Michigan Assault Lawyer who is committed to defending those accused of these crimes can keep you out of Jail and help you win a verdict of NOT GUILTY! If you are charged with Domestic Violence, you'll have to deal with a No Contact Order, but you may also be eligible for the Michigan Domestic Violence Deferral, MCL 769.4a.

Michigan Felony Assault charges are extremely serious, and can all land you in Prison, sometimes for a very long time even if you aren't charged as an Habitual Offender. Michigan Felony Assault crimes include: Felonious Assault (Assault With a Dangerous Weapon), Assault With Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder, Assault by Strangulation or Suffocation, Assault With Intent to Murder (AWIM), and others. These charges require an experienced Michigan Assault lawyer to understand the unique aspects of how they are prosecuted and defended. Just as you would expect a Drunk Driving lawyer to give you the best chance of challenging the science of the breath test, a Michigan Assault Lawyer like Prain Law, PLLC can give you the best chance of destroying the Prosecution's Assault charges against you.

Finally, there are other Felony charges that may or may not explicitly use the word "Assault," but are Assaultive in nature or contain an element of Assault. These include: Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer (Assault/Resist/Obstruct or "R&O"), Sexual Assault (Criminal Sexual Conduct or "CSC"), Child Abuse, Stalking, and Homicide. As a Michigan Assault Lawyer, Prain Law, PLLC aggressively defends those accused of these extremely serious Felony charges.

Facing a criminal charge is a terrifying experience, but the formula for success is simple: if you are facing a Michigan Assault charge, contact a true Michigan Assault lawyer who actually concentrates on these cases. Brian J. Prain has been featured in Super Lawyers Magazine and HOUR Detroit Magazine, has been rated Top 40 Trial Lawyers Under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers, Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys by the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, has received the AVVO Client Choice Award 2 years in a row, and more. Call Prain Law, PLLC at (248) 731-4543


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