No Contact Bond Condition and Michigan Domestic Violence

undefinedNo Contact Bond Conditions and your Michigan Domestic Violence charge

If you have been arrested for Domestic Violence in Michigan, only a Judge or Magistrate can set the terms of your bond. This means that a person who has been arrested and charged with Domestic Violence in the state of Michigan is unable to get back out of jail pending their Arraignment until a Judge or Magistrate is available to hold the proceeding.

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This process can be simplified by an experienced Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer. If you believe there is potential that you will be charged with Domestic Violence in Michigan, it is in your best interest to contact a quality Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney. Doing so may allow you to make arrangements ahead of time and avoid ever serving any time behind bars.

In Domestic Violence cases it is common to be issued a bond condition that prevents you from making contact with the alleged victim in the case. Once the Court issues a NO Contact bond condition, absolutely no contact of any kind can be made, including: in-person, by telephone, text message, email, Facebook or other social media, or via third party.

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In the event that the alleged victim is your spouse or partner with whom you share a home, a vehicle, social functions, or worse, children, this can be a serious impediment. A bond can also require that you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the Court to secure your initial release from lockup, and you can be locked-up again in the event that you allegedly violate any of the imposed conditions, like NO CONTACT with your accuser, or fail to do drug or alcohol testing.

If you share a home with your accuser you could be forced to move out of your home. If you share children with your accuser, they could effectively take away your right to see them. The potential consequences are serious but you are not defenseless against them! You are 100% innocent unless you have been convicted. Bond plainly means conditions imposed on a person for two reasons: 1) to ensure the safety of the public, and 2) to ensure that you will return to Court when you’re supposed to. Michigan Court Rule 6.106 states that unless you have a history of certain violent crimes, you are entitled to be released on solely your guarantee to return to Court.

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When setting the terms and conditions of bond in a Michigan Domestic Violence case, your Judge has a lot of discretion, but the Court Rule specifies that they look at a non-exhaustive, enumerated list of factors, and a well-written Motion to Modify can allow the Judge to review these factors thoughtfully.  Call the right Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney and ensure the defense you deserve!

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