Michigan Assault Law: Beating The Charge Without Testifying

undefinedMichigan Assault Law - What Can You Do If You're Not Willing To Plead To Anything, But Don't Want To Testify, Either? Michigan Assault Lawyer Brian J. Prain Explains..

Michigan Assault law can be complicated! There are many Assault charges under the Michigan Assault law: Assault MCL, 750.81; Assault and Battery, MCL 750.81; Domestic Assault (also called Domestic Violence), MCL 750.81(2); Aggravated Assault, MCL 750.81a; Felonious Assault (also called Assault With a Dangerous Weapon), MCL 750.82; Assault on a Police Officer (also called Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer), MCL 750.81d; Assault Assault With Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder, MCL 750.84, and so on... Some of them are Felonies carrying possible Prison time, while others are Misdemeanors, likely to warrant Probation under the Michigan Assault law.

But one aspect of Michigan Assault law is simple: unless you're lucky enough to get your Michigan Assault charge dismissed, you'll have to decide whether to take a Plea deal or whether to have a Trial. Under not only the Michigan Assault law, but the Constitution in general, one decision you'll face is whether to take the stand and testify in your own defense, or whether to remain silent (they can't use is against you). So can you beat a Michigan Assault charge without testifying? The answer is...

YES! But it depends on the type of charge you face under the Michigan Assault law and what defenses you are raising. At Prain Law, PLLC, your Michigan Assault Lawyer, we have successfully defended clients at Trial charged under the Michigan Assault law who have elected not to testify in their own defense and still achieved the verdict of NOT GUIITY. Because all crimes under the Michigan Assault law require the government to prove your "specific intent" to commit the act, and because the Michigan Assault Law incorporates Self-Defense, you should consult with an experienced Michigan Assault lawyer before making any important decisions in your case. Defeating charges under the Michigan Assault law is a matter of telling the story of your case. If each part of your story can be told through other witnesses, sufficiently to raise reasonable doubt, then it is possible to be acquitted by a Jury without having to testify. An experienced Michigan Assault lawyer can evaluate your case and tell you whether this is possible for you, considering how the Michigan Assault Law applies to your case. Click here for an article on the 2 Main Defenses at Trial under the Michigan Assault law.

If you are still reading, you should contact an aggressive attorney experienced in the Michigan Assault law immediately. At Prain Law, PLLC, these Assault cases are what we do. We can help you understand the Michigan Assault law and give you peace of mind in an uncertain situation. Call us toll-free at (248) 731-4543 for a free consultation. Or, fill-out the email Contact Form


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