Domestic Violence Victim or Murderer? Jodi Arias Launches Shameless Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Survivors

undefinedMurder defendant Jodi Arias makes final effort to fool jury by claiming she acted in self-defense to domestic violence from her ex-boyfriend that she stabbed nearly 30 times.

Thirty-two-year-old murder defendant Jodi Arias is fundraising for domestic violence victims while a jury makes up its mind whether to convict her of murdering her ex-boyfriend.

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Arias is selling t-shirts online that say “Survivor” giving her best effort to convince the jury that she is a survivor of domestic violence and that she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense. As a criminal defense attorney, I am very careful to make sure and afford the accused their presumption of innocence and hold the Prosecution to their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. But the domestic violenceand "victim" aspect of her defense seems misplaced to me.

"Please join me in the efforts to support other survivors of domestic violence," Arias had tweeted through a friend while she's in jail in Phoenix, Ariz.

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With great doubt as to whether she was a victim of domestic abuse, Arias’ most recent effort is extremely offensive since she is likely the perpetrator of domestic abuse.

Her lawyers contend that Alexander became physically abusive and sexually manipulative in the months leading up to his death. While there is no evidence that he physically abused her, they claim he threatened Arias’ life the day she killed him.

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A domestic violence expert for the defense testified that battered women typically refrain from sharing their abuse with others, but not even Arias’ personal diary revealed evidence of her claims.

In 2008 she brutally killed Alexander. Her boyfriend was shot in the head, his throat was slit from ear to ear, and he was stabbed almost 30 times.

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