Police Investigating Self-Defense in Texas Murder Case

undefinedSelf-defense or first degree murder in Texas? Police investigate.

A shooting occurred Saturday morning in Texas -- Police are trying to determine if it was self-defense.

We’ve been told that the victim had a history of domestic violence with his ex-wife, a co-worker of the shooter.

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Police say that 34 year-old Anthony Vina violated a restraining order when he showed up at the business on Ayers.

Approximately 7:30 Saturday morning, police say Vina showed up and demanded to speak with his wife. That’s when he allegedly got into a physical altercation with another employee, 28 year-old Juan Perez.

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The medical examiner says Vina died from multiple gunshot wounds. Perez called the police immediately following the shooting. Now, he’s accused of murder.

Other businesses in the complex say that they wouldn’t be surprised if it was self-defense because they had seen the victim and his ex-wife fighting previously.

An adjacent business owner, Gabriel Morin, was a witness at the scene.

"They actually had fist fights, the man the woman, a couple times. He showed up one time, she started beating the hell out of him, then he beat the hell out of her," Morin says.

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Police are yet to determine if the victim was shot inside or outside the building, a significant factor in a self-defense investigation.

Perez's bond is set at $250,000.

Police have reported that they will come to a conclusion about what happened, then pass the case to the District Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.

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