Will Domestic Violence Charge Be Dismissed if Victim No Longer Wants to Press Charges?

Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney Explains Away a Common Myth . . .

I am a Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney, and that means that I defend clients against Domestic Violence charges every day, rather than just handling one of these very unique cases "every once in a while. " Among other things, that means that I probably have a really good idea of exactly what questions are on your mind before you even have to ask them.

Well, one thing that you probably never guessed is that I get just about as many calls from alleged Victims who are regretful that they called the Police on their significant other for Domestic Violence, stating that they have now decided that they want to decline to press Domestic Violence charges. They thought the cops would show-up, embarrass you, make you leave for the night, and that would be it. When they found out you had to stay in Jail all weekend and just got Arraigned on a Domestic Violence charge (not to mention the No Contact Order that now prohibits contact between the two of you), all they wanted to do was make it go away. So they called the Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney. But is their wish the Police and Prosecutor's command? Read-on to find out . . .

As a Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney, I've been presented with this situation many times. I wish I could say that if the alleged Victim wanted the Domestic Violence charge to disappear, it would go away. But that simply isn't true. Once that person calls the Police and makes the allegations, and after an arrest is made, there is little that the alleged victim can do on their own to reverse that decision. That's because the criminal court case that has been started is not called "alleged Victim (Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Child) versus You," it is called "People of the State of Michigan versus You." The State of Michigan is your opponent, and the alleged Victim who called the Police is nothing more than a witness in the Prosecutor's case. Quite frankly, the Prosecutor's Office could care less whether or not this "Complaining Witness" wants to press charges or not; they care about what Statements this person originally made and what the responding Police observed.

Being a Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney, I know that going to Court and saying "well, Mr. Prosecutor, I spoke to the alleged Victim, and she doesn't feel like pressing charges anymore" is absolutely NOT the way to get your Domestic Violence charge dismissed, get you a Not Guilty at Trial, or get you the Plea Deal you might be looking for. There simply is no legal basis for a Dismissal on these grounds, period. But an experienced Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney will understand how to proceed in a much more effective way that can greatly increase the likelihood of getting you those results. There are some very effective strategies, and you'd be cheating yourself and your future if you didn't have the advantage of them like all of our other clients have.

But the real question is: why are you still reading? Pick-up the phone and call The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC, the Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney at (248) 731-4543 right now! The call is free, the sit-down consultation is free (more like priceless).


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