Michigan Assault and Battery Charge? But I Was Attacked!

Michigan Assault and Battery Charge Can Result Even Where You Were Attacked. Criminal Defense Attorney Brian J. Prain Explains The Problem In Our System.

Facing a Michigan Assault and Battery charge? Chances are, the incident arose at a bar or social gathering where there was plenty of confusion and probably some alcohol, too. When the Police arrived, they basically spoke to a bunch of drunk people who gave contradictory stories; some said you started it, while others said it was someone else. Others couldn't even describe, but in the mind of the Police, somebody MUST face a Michigan Assault and Battery Charge!

The Police made what appears to be an arbitrary choice and decided to slap you (and only you) with a Michigan Assault and Battery Charge. They didn't even want to hear your side, and they were rude on top of everything. Even though the venue has security cameras, the Police filed their Report and Warrant Recommendation for a Michigan Assault and Battery Charge with the Prosecutor's Office without even requesting a copy of the video or taking steps to make sure the video wasn't erased.

You're thinking "What country do I live in? Don't I have a right to defend myself? Or at least a full and fair investigation before the Michigan Assault and Battery Charge?" It's sad, but this happens every day in Michigan. BUT THERE IS GREAT NEWS WHEN POLICE DO THIS:

By acting in such a negligent fashion in their investigation, the Police have greatly increased the chances that your Michigan Assault and Battery Attorney will conduct an effective cross-examination of the Officers and secure a verdict of NOT GUILTY for you! This, i conjunction with a well-prepared, truthful Self-Defense case set forth by the Defense (even thoughlack of Self-Defense in Michigan is an element the Prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt) can make a Michigan Assault and Battery Charge disappear. As it turns out, Michigan has an excellent Self-Defense law. [click here for more on Self-Defense in Michigan]

The fact is, these shoddy Police investigations are what our criminal "justice" system has deteriorated to. I'm fighting it every day in Court, but for now, we must live with the fact that even something as frail as an accusation from a single drunk can, in the eyes of Police, Prosecutors, and even Judges, meet the legal "Probable Cause" standard required to bring a Michigan Assault and Battery Charge against you.

The good news is that the right Lawyer can use the utter incompetency of a Police investigation and turn it around to your favor as you face your Michigan Assault and Battery Charge. You need a knowledgeable Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer, because making the right choice can save your freedom and future. Still reading? Why not just call Prain Law, PLLC, your Michigan Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer, anytime at (248) 731-4543. We're friendly and take the time to hear you out. Don’t wait – the quicker you act, the better your chances! You can also fill-out the Contact Form


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