Domestic Violence: "Games [The] People Play..."

The situation is all too common: a heated argument gets out of hand on a Friday Night and the Police are called. You are told that you are being arrested for Domestic Violence. You figure that you will be getting out of the lockup after you are booked and you pay a little money. You're surprised when you are told that because you are facing a Domestic Violence ("Domestic Assault") charge, the conditions of your bond can only be set by a Judge or a Magistrate - and that often means waiting in Jail until one of these individuals is available.

The gravity of a Domestic Violence charge becomes more clear when you begin to receive documents titled "People of [State/City/Township] v. [Your Name Here]." The Prosecuting Attorney (perhaps the Domestic Violence Special Prosecuting Attorney from the State of Michigan) is against you, and is for "The People." It feels as though it's you against the world. But there is hope for you if your Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney understands The "Games [The] People Play." And yes, those games played by the Prosecuting Attorneys in an attempt to make a conviction out of your Michigan domestic violence charge do remind us all of that old Joe South song "Games People Play."

The games are numerous, but one of the most popular ones is to smack you with a Domestic Violence charge in addition to a felony charge. Michigan has just over 1,300 listed felony offenses, and many of them are, to put it lightly, rather silly, outdated, and hardly ever used. For example, consider the felony offense (up to 4 years in Prison) of "Cohabitation of Divorced Parties" in violation of MCL 750.32. This, if a Michigan resident is living with his or her "ex" and an argument erupts, the Police may show-up and slap him or her with a Domestic Violence charge [MCL 750.81a] in addition to a felony charge for Cohabitation of divorced Parties (or any other prefunctory Michigan felony charge that appears to fit the scenario).

The idea of this little game is so that, after you have spent hours, days, and even weeks living in fear and anxiety, the Prosecuting Attorney can later offer to "drop" the felony charge if you would only agree to admit to the "less serious" misdemeanor crime of Domestic Violence. Feeling like this is a great "deal" and being satisfied that you will most likely avoid Jail, you agree without incident. Unfortunately, nobody ever explained to you just how difficult a Domestic Violence conviction can make your life. The Prosecuting Attorney can even add felony charges later if you seem willing to fight your case. This has been the unfortunate experience of many innocent people in many Michigan Courts.

Don't be a victim of this scenario. Hire a Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney who understands the two-step process to denying the Prosecutor this advantage. It won't be easy, but your Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney needs to be be your strongest advocate, not the Prosecutor's salesperson. It's your life, and your future.

If you are facing a Domestic Violence charge in Michigan, contact The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC. Your initial Consultation and Case Evaluation is FREE, and the least it can do is give you a clear picture of the road ahead.


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