Criminal Sexual Conduct - Dealing With Stress & Fear of Being Charged

As a Michigan CSC Lawyer, I’ve counseled many people falsely accused of serious sex crimes, and one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the honor and dignity that my clients reveal as they go through this very trying time in their life, when everything seems to be at stake. In those rare moments of quiet and solitude in my own life, I reflect on it in admiration.

Resources for Understanding CSC Charges

There is no shortage of websites online where you could read all about Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct charges; the legal definitions of things like "sexual penetration" and "sexual contact," the Criminal Sexual Conduct Court process, debates on whether a hold or waive the Preliminary Exam in a CSC case, differences between the degrees of CSC, possible penalties and consequences...the list goes on and on. You don’t have to look far to find attorneys telling you how serious the situation is, how bad things could be, most of which are merely offered up as an inducement for you to call them and give them your money out of sheer panic and fear; the very person who would have a duty to act only in your best interest (as opposed to theirs) trying to take advantage of the exact feelings you're fighting to eliminate so you can think straight.

Dealing With the Fear of Charges

True, if you are facing charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan, you absolutely need a skilled, experienced Michigan attorney with a proven track record of success. But once you found that unique individual, what about everything else you’re dealing with? What about getting some help psychologically in terms of going through this difficult experience itself.

The reality is, if you're facing Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) charges, they are very serious indeed. Certain "multiple variables" of Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree even carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in Prison up to a maximum of life. If you're facing a CSC charge and you're not feeling afraid at some level, then you just may not be normal! The bottom-line is this...

If you or someone you care about is facing Michigan CSC charges, you can either let the experience destroy you, or you can use it to make you stronger - and every CSC Attorney has probably witnessed people handle it both ways. But how is it possible that something that seems like such a nightmare, perhaps even the worst situation you've ever been through in your life, could end up being something that actually improves the quality of your life? Well, ask yourself this simple question: If I can manage to handle this very challenging experience, how many other difficult life situations are going to really feel like a "problem" after this? The average, healthy, adult man cannot bench press 250 lbs., but imagine if you put in enough sweat equity in the gym that you could eventually bench press 400 lbs. How light would a mere 250 lbs. feel to you? Would 250 even be a workout? Hardly...

As a Metro Detroit attorney, I've dealt with my fair share of stress. Here's some Honest truth: a defense attorney who truly cares about his or her clients and appreciates the magnitude of having the life of a fellow human being in their hands will certainly be no stranger to stress, fear, anxiety, and many sleepless nights, especially during a Criminal Sexual Conduct Jury Trial where the rest of life's problems fade into obscurity compared to the need to hear those words "NOT GUILTY of Criminal Sexual Conduct." Even if the amount of stress and anxiety the Attorney feels is only a fraction of what the client is experiencing, multiply that fraction by the number of cases a CSC Defense Attorney is handling, and believe me, what that amounts to is a serious force to be reckoned with.

My point: on top of just being a human being, a career as a top ranked Michigan lawyer means that stress and anxiety management are definitely something that I've had to invest in for my own personal well-being so I can continue to serve and win for my clients. And while I can't offer people mental health counseling or prescribe anti-anxiety medication, here are what I consider to be my current "Top 3 Stress and Anxiety Management Resources" for using the events that unfold in my professional life as a CSC lawyer to learn and grow, rather than to suffer. They've done wonders for me, and if you're facing Criminal Sexual Conduct charges, they'll do wonders for you if you allow yourself to test them with an open mind:

  • Meditation: whether you fancy yourself as a businessman, a biker, or a beatnik, meditation isn't just for the so-called "spiritual" junkies - it's real-world practical "exercise" for your soul. Too often, medication gets incorrectly tied to "new-agey," eccentric philosophies, but at the simplest level, meditation is about what you do when disempowering thoughts pop-up in your mind; you learn to let them go and not go with them. It's not about fighting your mind or trying to stop the thoughts - the thoughts will arise whether you like it or not, but you can train yourself not to feed them with your energy, which only magnifies their intensity and leaves your vital energy depleted. Learning to stop allowing this to happen is called being "catered." For starters, you can try top-ranked meditation apps like Headspace and Calm.

  • "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer: I've recommended this book to nearly every client of mine for the past year or so, and I've given it as a gift to many. This New York Times bestseller is a masterfully written guide to using the daily situations that unfold naturally in life and disturb us to release stored negative energy patterns that cause fear, anxiety, and all of the exact negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are troubling you right at this very moment. I strongly urge you to at least listen to Michael Singer's interview with self-improvement mega-icon Tony Robbins (when Tony Robbins invites you to his home to interview you, you know what you've got to say is powerful). The idea is that events in themselves are not "problems"; your mind and heart create thoughts, feelings, and emotions as situations arise in life that trigger stored energy patterns within you from past experiences that were either positive or negative. When we learn to observe the mind create it's melodrama from a distance without getting sucked into it, not only do we release a part of the stored, negative patterns that ruin our lives, we also fill ourselves with joy, even in dire circumstances. The best part is, Singer knows EXACTLY how you feel right now, because he was falsely accused and indicted of Federal criminal charges that took an entire six years before resolving with a dismissal, and he used the techniques in "The Untethered Soul" to remain calm, centered, and peaceful throughout it all! As an aside, if you like Michael Singer, you'll also benefit from bestselling author Eckhart Tolle's books and teachings.

  • Jim Rohn's techniques on "How to Kick the Worry Habit": If you were around in the 1980s and 90s, the name "Jim Rohn" probably rings a bell. The Grandfather of the blossoming "self-improvement" movement passed away more than a decade ago, but his teachings, especially popular with the business and sales crowd, live on with powerful influence today. Rohn, who Tony Robbins credits as his mentor, most often taught techniques for motivation, perseverance, financial success, abundance, and happiness. But one day, I happened to stumble across a talk by Jim Rohn on YouTube called "Jim Rohn - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." Geared more toward the practical aspect of life than the spiritual, this half-hour talk is an absolute must for anyone facing a charge of Criminal Sexual Conduct.

Overall, I suggest that you give these things a try. If none of the above seem to be working, or perhaps in conjunction with any of the above, I would highly, highly recommend talking to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist and even seeing if some temporary medication may be of assistance. I left this off of the list because: 1) I cannot speak from personal experience, but it has worked wonders for many of my clients; and 2) you have to be careful NOT to talk about the facts of your case and limit the discussion to the stress and anxiety of the Criminal Sexual Conduct Court process itself. You should never discuss your case with anyone other than an experienced Michigan lawyer.

As always in life, your mental health is and necessarily must be your own prerogative. But having the right Michigan defense lawyer is a major piece of the puzzle, because it affects the confidence with which you approach this obstacle, not just in the Courtroom, but just as importantly, in all of the other parts of your life while you patiently wait for justice to finally unfold in your favor.

Metro Detroit Michigan defense attorney Brian J. Prain of Prain Law, PLLC is at the top of his field, achieving victory after victory in the courtroom with an impressive tally of verdicts of NOT GUILTY of Criminal Sexual Conduct. Brian has received many awards and honors, including:

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