Michigan Domestic Violence - "Games [The] People Play"

undefinedMichigan Domestic Violence and American Singer/Songwriter Joe South - What Do They Have in Common?

"Oh the games [The] Play now,

Every night and every day now,

Never meaning what they say now,

Never saying what they mean." -Joe South

Its Friday Night... what started as an argument got away from both of you. It was nothing new... you argue frequently, both say and do things you don't mean... but this time the police came and you now find yourself behind steel bars. This situation is all too common. You have been charged with Michigan Domestic Violence... HOW did this happen? Enter [The] People! Instead of being booked and released on bond right away, you find out that Michigan Domestic Violence comes with a different set of rules. Only a Judge or Magistrate can set the conditions of bond for Michigan Domestic Violence, and he isn't in until Monday morning. You're in lock-up for the weekend and there's nothing you can do! The gravity of a Michigan Domestic Violence charge becomes even more clear when you are handed your first court document reading:

"The People of the [State/City/Township] v. [Your Name Here]."

The State is against you, the City is against you, the Township is against you, the Prosecuting Attorney is against you, the Complainant is against you...everyone is against you and for [The] People. It's you against [The] People of the world, or so it would seem.

Prain Law, PLLC understands Michigan Domestic Violence Law, we understand the State and City/Township, we understand the Prosecutors, we understand [The] People, and we understand the 'Games' [The] People Play! And YES! These games, played in an attempt to turn your Michigan Domestic Violence charge into a conviction, remind us of the truth of the song Joe South made popular so many years ago, Games People Play. Believe me when I say that the games are numerous, but one of the most popular is to charge you with a Michigan Domestic Violence charge and add on a Felony Assault Charge. Michigan has over 1,300 listed Felony offenses, many of which are ridiculous, outdated and rarely used. For example: consider the listed felony offense (MCL 750.32) "Cohabitation of Divorced Parties". Meaning, if you are living with your 'ex' and an argument erupts and the police arrest someone, you could find yourself facing a Michigan Domestic Violence charge AND a felony charge for" Cohabitation of Divorced Parties".

Why, you ask? The idea of this little game ( a charge can be added on at any point throughout the duration of a case) is that, after you've spent hours, days, or even weeks living in fear and anxiety, the Prosecuting Attorney later offers to 'drop' the felony charge if you agree to plead guilty to the lesser charge of Domestic Violence, gaining them the conviction that we mentioned earlier. All too often the Game works! Feeling like this is a great 'deal' and being satisfied that they will likely avoid any more jail time, they agree without hesitation - and in all actuality, relief - an emotion that "[The] People" count on. The unfortunate part of this scenario is that no one ever explained to you just how difficult a Michigan Domestic Violence conviction can make your life.

This has been the regrettable experience of many innocent people in many Michigan courts. However, you don't have to be a victim of Games [The] People Play. Call us and talk to a Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney from among the best! We understand the process that denies the Prosecutor this advantage. Nothing comes easy, but we will be your strongest advocate, and not the Prosecutor's salesman. It's your life and your future! Call our office now at (248) 731-4543 for a free consultation, or by completing the form.


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